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2019 Child & Teen Checkups

for children to age 12


Available at Cass County Public Health Offices in Walker.

For appointments or more information call Linda at 218-566-3636 or email

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​PO Box 304, 320 Eagle Ave NE, Remer, MN  56672

Phone 218-566-3636     Fax 218-566-1303  ​​

2019 Early Childhood Screening


Please contact Brandon at 218-566-2351 ex. 32018 to set up an Early Childhood Screening appointment.

Early Childhood Screening is required for Head Start, some Early Childhood programs, and Kindergarten. Earlier is better, your child should be seen at age 3.

Child & Teen Checkups

For children ages 3 to 6. Learn about how your child is doing and what to expect as your child grows older. Discover early childhood opportunities our area has to offer. If you have a concern about your child's growth and development, this is the time to ask questions and get answers.

All screenings are done by qualified professionals. They include developmental assessments, hearing and vision screenings, immunization review, the child's height and weight, identification of risk factors that may influence learning, an interview with the parent about the child and referrals when potential needs are identified.

There is no charge for an Early Childhood Screening, but there may be a fee for additional services.

Early Childhood Screening

Keep your child healthy by finding and treating problems early!

Checkups include a complete physical; lab tests and immunizations if needed; hearing, vision, development and growth checks; dental varnishing and information about healthy lifestyles.

               Get Checkups:
               Between birth and one month
               At 2,4,6,9,12,15 and 18 months
               At 2,3,4,5 and 6 years
               Every 2 years after age 6 through age 12

Child & Teen Checkups are available for children through age 12 at one of the Public Health Nurse clinics located throughout Cass County. You can also get them (ages 0-21) at your local doctor's office. Make sure to ask for an Child & Teen Checkup!

Children and teens enrolled in Medical Assistance are eligible for checkups at no cost. Note: Children enrolled in a health plan, must get their Child & Teen Checkups services from providers in their health plan.